• Basketball club Realway
  • Basketball club Realway was established in 2003. year with the aim of promoting the positive side of sports, especially basketball, through systematic and continuous work. The main target groups are children and adolescents aged 6-18 years. Realway basketball school is currently present in the Sarajevo Canton. We gather about 500 children at 14 points, divided into different age groups (among other mini-basketball school for the youngest participants) and competition selection: mini basketball selection, pioneers, cadets, juniors.
  • School activities are organised continuously throughout the school year. At the beginning of the school year starts a new training cycle, Kids League, the competition in the cantonal league and other supporting activities (basketball camp, ski school, tournaments, swimming pools ...)

    All these activities aim to develop perseverance, discipline, responsibility, team spirit, personality, creativity and positive thinking, all that through sport. Every child has the opportunity to participate in Kids League at the level of the city of Sarajevo, as part of a team of their school, and thus directly contribute to the early socialization of children, eliminating the possibilities of social non-acceptance.

    Our team monitors not only the physical development of students at our basketball school, but also various aspects of social activities, including education. Personality development and accountability are directly affected by the refusal of deviant behavior in contemporary society (drugs, alcohol, ...)

    Due to the creation of a positive environment, where children have the opportunity to socialize, exercise and develop their positive qualities, our basketball school is massively accepted by the children and the parents.

    Gifted children who have physical and psychological predispositions have the ability to pass through our selection process through professional training and to compete with their peers at the Canton league. This opens the possibility of formation of top players who will one day be able to engage in professional basketball.

    In addition to train our children in ideal conditions, their basketball and psycho-physical development is monitored by our professional coaching staff. The emphasis in the basketball school is primarily educational, in addition to teaching children the basic elements of basketball games, our coaches have their primary objective: make the people who will tomorrow be the athletes who have both physical and mental qualities to realize life goals.

    Within basketball school, Kids League is scheduled every month, which ends at the end of school year, with the grand finals in the main and largest town hall-Skenderija where plays our national basketball team too.

    After completion of the competitive part of the season members have the option of staying in the camp, which is traditionally held on the Olympic mountain Bjelasnica, where during a 15-day stay is worked with children individually and in groups.

    Here children have an opportunity to further educate and adopt elements of basketball in a relaxed atmosphere, but also to have a break from school obligations and spent time with their peers in the clean mountain air, socializing through basketball.